adhd decluttering

People with ADHD must often de-clutter both their houses and their brains. When you have ADHD, you cannot process information efficiently when your environment is a mess. I think that when your desk, your car, and your house are big cluttered, disorganized ADHD disaster areas, thinking is impossible. Ok, maybe there are people who thrive in a mess but I am willing to bet that most people with ADHD do not.
The reason that I think this way is that my thinking process is much better since organized my home, my workplace, my car and my desk. I sometimes get home and before I can answer phone calls, questions from my children on spouse, cook dinner or accomplish anything, I must de-clutter and pick up the house. I must de-clutter my ADHD house so that I can think with my ADHD brain. If the house is a total disorganized mess, I simply cannot think about anything else.
My kid’s rooms have been a real challenge. Their rooms can get to looking horrible (about as bad as my room looked when I was their age) and I must admit that up until about three months ago I assumed that it was hopeless and I would just close their doors. Then something miraculous happened. I discovered these back of the door organizers that were really affordable and I hung them on the closet doors and bedroom doors of each of their rooms (I got some for our room too). I told the kids to put their stuff in the organizers and they did and all of a sudden I could see the floor in their rooms.
These organizers have about 16 pockets each of different sizes and hold everything from shoes to Pokemon cards to match book cars to under-ware. The pockets are mesh, see through, so the kids can see what is in each pocket. Heartened by my progress, I bought them each a file cabinet and told them to store their school stuff, wallets and prized books in these. We put up shelves and the stuffed animals, trophies, model cars and other books and toys went on the shelves.
I am happy to report that now even the kid’s rooms are organized at my house and that makes both me and my kids happy because, thought they would never admit it, they can think better when their rooms are organized just like the rest of us.
I read this very sad story about this woman with ADHD whose house was a total wreck. She took to buying these “Get Well” cards and leaving them in places around her living room so that when people came over they would thin that her house was a mess because she had been ill. ADHD messes should never come to this!!
De-cluttering your life does not have to be such a horrible task. A week’s worth of 15 minute de-cluttering episodes several times a day will go a long way to making a great start and to getting your stuff in order. It helps to have things like file cabinets, file folders, organizers and the like but even without these things you could make a fine start. By the way, you can see pictures of the organizers that I have found helpful at the Primarily Inattentive Store.